Anne Pasko Artist Statement

Mywork crosses a broad range from serene to wild – from monochromatic papercollage to vivid and highly textured mixed media paintings with found objects and acrylics. My pieces may encompass the symbolism of women’s spirituality or my love for the earth and our natural environment or the love of a place like Monhegan Island.


I really enjoy working with and experimenting with textures and new techniques of creating original art. There are always so many ideas floating in my head that it is just not possible for me to keep creating the same thing or using the same style over and over.


It is the uncertainty and search for new techniques that keep me excited and burning with a passion to “do” art. I am frequently asked how I come up with some of the images and pairings of materials – the answer is always that these are not from a clear, conscious place but rather something that bubbles up out of the unconscious – a remembering of an ancient symbol, or an image seen or felt in a dream. 


I also work in an abstract form of watercolor because I love the flow of the colors into each other. I want my watercolors to evoke the “feeling” of a place or thing rather than to be an exact rendering of an image or a place.


I’ve come to realize that when “the Muse” stings me I am powerless to concentrate on anything else until I have exhausted whatever theme she is tickling me with. It might be a color combination, it might be song lyrics or the title of a book or something less specific, a feeling that just has to be explored with many different kinds of materials. I am grateful for every one of her little (and sometimes not so gentle) stings.


Anne in her Studio In Lanesgorough, Ma